April Showers?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015  |  
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April showers are a great reason to sport a cute pair of rain boots! They serve two purposes, keeping your feet dry and showing a little of your personality! Whether you like a traditional houndstooth pattern, want to try pink camo or support your favorite team…you can find them in lots of colors and styles!

For those of us who may be slightly fashion challenged…here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when rocking this rainy-day trend.

• The best pant to wear is either a skinny or straight-legged jean if you want to wear them tucked in.

• If you like to hide them, try a bootlegged jean/pant so they fit over top as some are wider near the knee and aren’t very fitted.

• If your pants are a little too bulky, try this easy method for folding and tucking.  If you don’t have a sock with this type of elastic band, you can purchase them here or try a wide rubber band around the bottom of the cuff/fold.

            Step 1:  Cuff the bottom of your pant just above the ankle and fold over tightly.

            Step 2:  Bring your sock up over the pant leg as shown.

            Step 3:  Step into your boot and repeat with the other leg.

            Step 4:  The finished look! Slim and sleek with no ballooning over the top of your boot!



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