White after Labor Day?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014  |  
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Ah…it’s that time of year to question that old fashion rule, “Never wear white after Labor Day”…but why not? White is so fashionable whether you wear it from head-to-toe or pair it with a pop of color. It’s a shame to hide it away for the next 9 months.  So why not embrace a new thought process?

Forget about making a fashion faux pas. Even Emily Post says it’s ok, so don’t be afraid to still wear our peep-toe It’s OK Charlotte® to work and church or sport a cute pair of Tommy Hilfiger® Berila sandals or Converse® All Stars to the football games or fall festivals around town. It’s still very hot in most states after Labor Day and lighter, cooler clothing is still a must and it makes perfect sense.

However, if you still hear your Mother or Grandmother in your head (especially if you are from the South) and you just can’t bear to break the tradition and must stop wearing white after Labor Day, why not try a neutral color like nude, natural or crème? These color families­­­ may make you feel more comfortable, yet keep you stylish and fresh for Fall!

Whatever your tradition, it’s all about you and your style! Have fun and try something new this season. Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day!



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