Sandal Time!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014  |  
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Summer can be a fun time to try colorful sandals and open-toe shoes…unless you are embarrassed by your feet. The winter season had them covered in wooly warm socks and hidden away in winter boots  - so you may not have maintained your pedicure.  Don’t worry; we have a few tips that can help your feet get summer-ready!

 - Lots of lotion! If you use a lotion infused with peppermint, camphor or rosemary, they have circulation-boosting ingredients!

 - Soak your feet often. Not only can it help reduce inflammation, it can also help eliminate scaly skin.

 - Soften your feet with a good foot scrub. Not only can it make your feet look better, but it can reduce the chance of cracking skin that can lead to pain or infection.

 - Wearing open-toed sandals/shoes or even going barefoot will help stop your feet from getting smelly and sweaty.

 - Keep toenails trimmed, straight across and not to short.

 - step out of your comfort zone and try fun nail colors or designs!



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